The E-Bandit EDF

Updated 13th November 2003

Designed and buildt by Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - Ready to Fly

Here are the initial CAD drawings of the jet. I was able to generate a complete set of fuselage x-sections. I then cut them out in foam and sandwiched it into a rough fuselage.
This is the final CAD version - the final jet will probably not be colored like this however - it was just easy to do this scheme in the CAD program. Looks good doesnt it? It took my approx. 30hrs by the computer to get this far. A skilled CAD operator would be much much quicker.
Here is the fuselage foam plug after a lot of filling and sanding... The white foam was a bit difficult to work with so next time out I'll use the pink foam. Its denser and I now know where to find it!
The first half of the plug have been moulded and here is the second half just started. Epoxy slurry with microballons are well suited for sharp corners such found in the parting area.
The two negative moulds and the first fuselage that I pulled from them. The fuselage came out at 230gram (8oz) but I feel it can be done lighter. I might make an all Carbon/kevlar fuse for a lighter lay up. The wings/elevators and rudder came out at 200grams (7oz). They were glassed and primed and are paint ready. One HS81 servo for each aileron is located in the wing. The servo protrudes a little bit as the wing airfoil is kept to a minimum thickness as thickness = drag.
The fan and its location. The elevator servo's will be located just in front of the fan. One HS81 for each half. At this time I'm unsure on how to arrange the elevator linkage - internal or external... Either way it must a be a solid linkage as flutter is a real enemy.
The exhaust cone and intakes shown. The intakes are cut&sanded pink foam which was then covered with tape - then glassed. Melted out the foam with Acetone. Came out rather crude but its my first attempt so I dont sweat it. I might try to make a set of moulds for it.
Wings++ trialfittet to the fuselage. These moments are the most fun as this is when it actually start to look like a true jet. The BVM Bandit have never striked me as beautiful but this one....but then again I aint objective about it.
Here is it lined up alongside my EJF F-18. Sizewise they compare very well but the E-Bandit will end up being 30% heavier and sporting 140% more power... The idea of this project was a speed machine and so far the numbers look promising. It will not be the fastest EDF around. I hope to break the 100mph and 200W/pound barriers (well they are barriers for me...) Only time will tell... 12cells should give around 450W input while 14 should give closer to 600W. The ultimate pack looks to be 16*CP1700's, 50A drawn = 800W....
Here I am showing the #1 prototype. The canopy hatch is now in place. I will make a mould of it pretty soon. To the right you see my youngest boy, Sondre aged 2years.

Current status - The E-Bandit have logged 9 flights and have proven itself to be a smashing success. It could have been lighter but... Top speed coming out of a shallow dive from the first lap around the field have given readings on up to 110mph. Due to the restricted intake/exhaust areas I feared the model would be a dog, high wingloading and little acceleration. However I've found it to be most excellent in handling, zooming high verticals and actually quite nimble of landing. Its heavy, make no mistake about it but once CG was dialed in and some proper amount of spoilerons were added landingspeeds got reasonable. The landing in the video is without spoilerons. AUW with 15 CP1700's is 1950g (69oz) with the wingloading in the high 30oz/ft2 region. Power is 740W peak fading towards 650W.

Video found here (6.5MB) Right-Click and choose SaveAs.

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