WeMoTec F-16 Falcon

Updated 6th October 2003

Kit by Wemotec, buildt by Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - Crashed, new kit ordered

Here are the small parts of the kit, tailerons, fin, ducting, exhaust + canopy and frame.
All hollow moulded.
The one piece fuselage. Wings and fuselage are molded in one piece with plyformers and wingspar already in place. The wings are laminated on the inside with 1,5mm balsa for stiffness. Surface finish is smooooth!
Here is the model all taped up for a photoshot at my club field.
Detail pic of taileron. The taileron have 6mm CF rod installed which rides in a tube (preglued) into the fairing. The servoscrew prevent it from sliding out.
Here you can see the two 2S4P 1950mAh LiPo packs next to two sub-C cells for comparison. The LiPo packs were connected in series to get 4S4P configuration. Weight of this pack equal 15CP1700 yet hold ~5times the capacity.
The JR DS3421 servo detail - very strong servo and incredidbly smooth...
Here the model is primed and have its raised panel stickers applied, decal sheets next to it. Going into the paintshop next!
Basic colors done, tried the decals on the fin. Excellent result. Detailing/weathering effects next.
Here you can see some of the weathering effects + waterslide decals used.
Canopy close-up, the pilot eagerly await takeoff clearance.
All dressed up and ready to go!

Click the video icon to start downloading the video from the F-16 maiden flight. Clip length is 2min27sec, filsesize 10MB and in .wmv format.

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