Updated 8th of July 2001

Plans by : Kevin Cox     (  Kit available at EJF - Electric Jet Factory  )
Builder : Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - Active

The main fuselage formers F1, F3 and F4. Unwanted material have been removed to save weight.
The fore and aft fuselage sections shown together. 4 hours of work to get this far.
The plans call for bushed taileron pivots which in my opinion could end up being too sloppy. I ended up with using 4 ball bearings (2 on each surface) with 4mm carbon rod for pivotarm. It seem to be very effective.
Just another pic showing the partially assembeled fuselage/tailerons
Wings have been trial fitted and the final proporsions of the Hornet can be seen.
MH43 airfoil was chosen with 6,5%root 8%tip thickness.
-1deg Washout was also incorporated to delay any tipstalling tendencies - none encountered inflight.
Airfoil selection is not critical - fully symetrical is just fine or just use the one indicated on the plans.
Here you can see the Hornet being all rigged up for gluing the wings. Must make sure all is level .....no time for screw-ups! The wing rest on its foambeds assuring perfect alignment.
All (well almost) in place - looks good right?
Partially done painting.
The Blue Angels Crest and lettering in place - custom made with aid from my PC and printer
The completed model...
Here is my own design for the pivot assembly - available for download in DXF format and AutoCAD R14 format
Pics showing the 4 steps of assembly is included in each zip file. Right-click the link and choose "Save as" to download.
3,7MB Video Click here for a short flyby video (75mph) - 3,7MB mpg 10s duration.

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