Updated 16th of November 2001

Plans by : Chris Golds
Builder : Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - Both sold

The jig - 49kB This is a picture of the jig I used for making the fuselage cylindrical parts.
Its working - 29kB Here you can see some of the parts. This jig allow cutting straight and tapered cylinders/ducts without assist. The work is done by the hot-wire and a weight that make the foam turn around.
The parts for two - 22kB I cut out enough material to cut parts for two Hunters. That is the beauty of using foam - making two is not twice the work! (Preparing that is, not building :)
Taking shape - 24kB Assembly have been swift and is now showing. The wings have now been attached to the fuselage using Polyuretan glue.
All assembled - 22kB Tail assembly taped on showing the now almost complete airframe.
Intake skins - 23kB The inside intake skins are installed. This was easier than expected and hopefully they will work ok.
Overhead - 25kB Here is another view from above showing the support braces for the wing and the inner skins.
Surface skins in place - 27kB The top surface skins have been glued using polyuretan. Seams have been taped and pinned while curing. The Polyuretan cures over a period of 3hours and it foams up quite a bit thus make a very strong joint.
Rear view - 31kB Here is the Hunter from behind. The exhaust nozzle is 57mm in diameter (90%SFA)
Closing in.... - 46kB The Hunter is by now almost all done. The upper skins have been glued and pins are holding it all down while curing. The lower surface skins and intake lips are next.

The model have now been flown for the first time. The flight was uneventful with the exception of the ailerons being way to sensitive. Bungee was used for launching. The Center of Gravity seemed fine and power adequate.
Wingloading is moderate and on final the glide was shallow indicating that the model will still fly well with heavier/more powerful poweroptions.

I have sold this model and intend to do another one in which I'll incorporate a couple of improvements. That will be to extend the battery compartment 5cm further aft and move the fan 5-7cm further aft also. The way it is now you will barely manage a proper CG with 10*800AR batts and that inhibit other motor/battery combinations. This way 10*1250SCRL or the new Panasonic 2000 NiHM should work giving greater flying time or increase in performance - the choice is yours....

Hunter No#2 This is the finished Hawker Hunter No#2 (alongside to the F/A-18 Hornet). The plane is covered with light glasscloth and thinned epoxy. The paint is airbrushed on - Humbrol Enamel (satin/matt) paint used.
Plane now sold - have flown once with the HP200-25-4 on 10*1250's. Power was great but flight was aborted due to interference.

Pics of the finished no#2 Hunter which is now back in my possession.

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