Flair K8b QuarterClassic Series

Updated 20th September 2005

Buildt by Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - Ready to Fly

The K8b assembled with me gently holding it :) The all-wood kit took some time to put together but its now quite a while ago. It was buildt and completed around year 2000but didnt get much airtime due to lack of time etc.. Then we started aerotowing in my club and the K8b was dusted off and readied once more. Prior to this it had only been flown at the slopes. Equipped with a Picolario Vario which gives height/lift-sink and onboard voltage.
Pretty large model... Rather light for its size so it float very sedately. A warm summers day model!
Here posing in front of the primary tug, a Frisch 1/3scale Wilga (3W160 Twin swinging a 32x12" prop - almost 70pounds of thrust!) If you follow the videolink below you can see both these models perform.

Some video's can found here