MiG-29 Fulcrum EDF

Updated 13th of November 2003

Designed and buildt by Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - Active
Complete Kits available

Here are the initial CAD drawings of the jet. Not shown very well in this pic but the design is basically a compounded fuselage with profile "engine pods". Between the profile pods a single Wemotec 480Minifan is suspended. Simple and efficient system.
After the 3D CAD work was completed each part was extracted and printed. Then cut, cut and cut some more wood. Shown is the first trialfit of the front fuselage parts, no glue used yet.
Now its starting to look like the fullsize MiG29. Foamcut wings used since they are much simpler to cut and make consistent vs a buildt up wing as shown in the CAD image. With careful use of glue and balsasheeting both finished wingpanels weighted together 1,7oz.
Here are two MiG29's buildt by Dan and Daren Savage. Both uses a Hacker brushless system and a 10cell CP1300 pack. The MiG-29 is very simple to handlaunch due to unique construction of the underside of the model. (Pic by Steve Neill)
Close up of Daren's striking MiG29 - nice colors. (Pic by Steve Neill)
Here you can see the canopy hatch and rear hatch. The battery is placed at the cockpit floor while the rear hatch can be used to access ESC or reciever. (Pic by Steve Neill)
Another close-up of the battery compartment and rear hatch area. Neat and tidy. The rear hatch is optional and currently not featured on the MiG-29 plan. (Pic by Steve Neill)
Dan and Daren Savage Fulcrum Page for more brilliant pictures and hardware setup click this link.
DivX Video - 2,34MB Here is a video of the MiG29 inflight. This is the prototype and is flown by myself. This particular flight I used a 8cell CP1300 pack. Takeoff power roughly 250W. Filesize 2,34MB and DivX video codec required (www.divx.com, download the DivX Player in case your system dont play it)
Video by Dan and Daren Savage More video for you to watch. These clips are made by Dan and Daren Savage and found here

Dan Savage MiG29 Daren Savage MiG29 Dan Savage MiG29 Daren Savage MiG29 Dan Savage MiG29 Launch Daren Savage MiG29 Launch
Thanks for the great shots Allen. Dan&Daren - beautiful models!

The MiG-29 can be flown on a 150W system but this is only for the experienced pilot (nor is it very fun). Low power EDF's are tricky to fly and I therefore recommend 200W or higher using a high quality brushed or brushless system. Here are a few setups that will provide ample to high performance: The MiG29 is designed around the CP1300 cell but can accomodate other types. Batteryweight up to 450gram/16oz is acceptable.

Typical flight duration 3-5minutes using the CP1300's and throttle management. Even longer flighttimes can be achieved by using dedicated NiHM batteries but top-end power might need to be sacrified. I've flown my prototype with 8 and 10cell CP1300 packs, with the 8cell pack there is ample power for aerobatics and some good fun. With the 10cell pack however there is a bunch more power which gives me a Thrust/Weigth (TTW) ratio of .8-.85. At that power runtime is short (2-3mins) but boy are they fun! Vertical climbs possible (not unlimited..), High Alfa flight with power to spare to name a few.

Dan and Daren Savage have tested the MiG29 with 10cell packs of the heavier CP1700 cell. AUW increased by 4oz but thrust increased by 7oz so a 3oz net thrust was gained. The CP1700 cell will maintain higher voltage under load hence the better figures.

Here is a link to a Construction Article I wrote for the Ezone EDF Design Contest where this design was entered. The reward was 1st Price!

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