Aeronaut F9-F Panther

Updated 28th June 2004

Kit by Aeronaut / Wemotec, buildt by Haldor Lønningdal
Current status - RTF

First a few images of the raw kit. Shown is the cockpit obviously. ABS cockpit base with clear canopy.

Next shown is the fuselage, a one piece moulding. The vertical fin/elevator is a seperate section. The fuse had no pinholes, perfect surface finish.

Wing as supplied, truly plug & play

...and here the wingfairing, the fit is perfect.

Here is the wing lock pictured. A 2M screw was embedded into the fuselage going through the wing carbon joiner. The screw head is flush with the fuselage surface and is "invisible".

Here is the Schueberl DS fan prepared. The fanunit alone weigh a mere 1.7oz (48g) Not bad for a fan that allow up to 2000W of power... The rotor come prebalanced (one piece rotor) and its just a matter of bolting things up.

Elevator servo mounted inverted in the tailsection.

Any decent model need a decent pilot... Here is my attempt.

Looking comfy, here briefly installed to check size/fit

Canopy on, still looks good

Pilot completed, here you can see the canopy frames with burned in rivet detail.

Base coat complete

Here are the final colors except for the blue thats lacking. The fullsize "Blue Tail Fly" was made of two F9's where one had a complete front section and the other front section trashed.
The two good parts were joined and that F9 flew 12succesfull missions before getting back to the paintshop.

Showing wing detail, topside

Showing wing detail, bottom

Here the F9 scoots away for another sortie, as you can see its bungee launched.

Here is a pic showing the F9 on flyby.

11,5MB Right-click the video link and choose SaveAs. The video is 11.5MB and ~4min playtime.

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